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Division 1 title maths

Posted by Checker on March 24, 2012

Newcastle’s draw with Morpeth A has created an interesting situation at the top of Division 1. Newcastle will need to beat Leam Lane Aces to take the title – we’ve known that since approximately the beginning of the season. Thanks to their two draws, Newcastle will also need to win their rearranged match against Forest Hall A. And there is an extra proviso: for every game point Newcastle concede to Leam Lane, they must score two against Forest Hall. That’s in order to draw level with Leam Lane and force a playoff to decide the title – exceed that target, and they take the title outright.

For example, a 3-2 win for Newcastle against Leam Lane would leave Newcastle needing a 4-1 win against Forest Hall for a playoff, or a 4½-½ score to win it.


2 Responses to “Division 1 title maths”

  1. jonty king said

    In the result of a tie at the top of a division, does the head to head result between the teams involved not decide, if the board points are level, as in some other sport situations?

  2. Chris W said

    League rule 18: Ties for all places in the League shall be decided in favour of the team with the largest value of game points, only the first five boards of every match being counted. In the event of two or more teams finishing tied on both match points and game points and the division championship or qualification for promotion or relegation being in doubt, the League Conductor shall arrange play-offs as necessary.

    So no. I’m bound by the league rules and it seems no-one in the past has ever felt strongly that head-to-head record should be taken into consideration.

    I think most sports prefer playoffs to head-to-head record, provided it fits into the schedule (e.g. Premier League, Major League Baseball wildcard race). It tends to be when there isn’t time for a playoff (e.g. group stages of the World Cup) that head-to-head takes precedence.

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