Northumbria Chess League 2011-12

Brought to you by the Northumberland Chess Association

Fixtures Division 2

Division 2

*Alnwick play all home and away matches at Morpeth on Wednesdays

Round 0
Friday 30/09/2011 Jesmond Sharks 6-5 Jesmond Wasps
Round 1
Monday 03/10/2011 Gateshead A 3½-1½ Gateshead Knights
Tuesday 04/10/2011 Tynemouth Castles 1-4 Tynemouth Warriors
Wednesday 05/10/2011* Jesmond Rookies 4-1 Alnwick
Friday 07/10/2011 Jesmond Sharks 1-4 Gosforth Regents
Friday 07/10/2011 Jesmond Wasps 1-4 Leam Lane Comets
Friday 07/10/2011 Forest Hall C 3-2 Forest Hall B
Tynedale Reivers vs. bye
Round 2
Monday 17/10/2011 Gosforth Regents 1-4 Tynemouth Castles
Tuesday 18/10/2011 Tynedale Reivers 5-0 Jesmond Sharks
Tuesday 22/11/2011 Leam Lane Comets 3-2 Forest Hall C
Tuesday 18/10/2011 Tynemouth Warriors 1½-3½ Jesmond Rookies
Wednesday 19/10/2011 Alnwick 3-2 Jesmond Wasps
Friday 21/10/2011 Forest Hall B 3½-1½ Gateshead A
Gateshead Knights vs. bye
Round 3
Monday 31/10/2011 Gateshead A 2-3 Leam Lane Comets
Monday 31/10/2011 Gateshead Knights 1-4 Forest Hall B
Tuesday 01/11/2011 Tynemouth Castles 3½-1½ Tynedale Reivers
Wednesday 02/11/2011* Forest Hall C 3½-1½ Alnwick
Friday 04/11/2011 Jesmond Rookies 3-2 Gosforth Regents
Friday 04/11/2011 Jesmond Wasps 1½-3½ Tynemouth Warriors
Jesmond Sharks vs. bye
Round 4
Monday 14/11/2011 Gosforth Regents 2-3 Jesmond Wasps
Tuesday 15/11/2011 Tynedale Reivers 2-3 Jesmond Rookies
Tuesday 15/11/2011 Leam Lane Comets 2-3 Gateshead Knights
Tuesday 15/11/2011 Tynemouth Warriors 2½-2½ Forest Hall C
Wednesday 16/11/2011 Alnwick P-P Gateshead A
Friday 18/11/2011 Jesmond Sharks 0-5 Tynemouth Castles
Forest Hall B vs. bye
Round 5
Monday 28/11/2011 Gateshead A 3½-1½ Tynemouth Warriors
Wednesday 30/11/2011* Gateshead Knights 1½-3½ Alnwick
Friday 02/12/2011 Jesmond Wasps 2½-2½ Tynedale Reivers
Friday 02/12/2011 Jesmond Rookies 2½-2½ Jesmond Sharks
Friday 02/12/2011 Forest Hall C 3½-1½ Gosforth Regents
Friday 02/12/2011 Forest Hall B ½-4½ Leam Lane Comets
Tynemouth Castles vs. bye
Round 6
Monday 12/12/2011 Gosforth Regents 1-4 Gateshead A
Tuesday 13/12/2011 Tynedale Reivers 3-2 Forest Hall C
Tuesday 13/12/2011 Tynemouth Warriors 4½-½ Gateshead Knights
Tuesday 13/12/2011 Tynemouth Castles ½-4½ Jesmond Rookies
Wednesday 14/12/2011 Alnwick 2-3 Forest Hall B
Leam Lane Comets vs. bye
Round 7
Monday 09/01/2012 Gateshead A vs. Tynedale Reivers
Monday 09/01/2012 Gateshead Knights vs. Gosforth Regents
Wednesday 11/01/2012* Leam Lane Comets 3-2 Alnwick
Friday 13/01/2012 Jesmond Wasps vs. Tynemouth Castles
Friday 13/01/2012 Forest Hall C vs. Jesmond Sharks
Friday 13/01/2012 Forest Hall B vs. Tynemouth Warriors
Jesmond Rookies vs. bye
Round 8
Monday 23/01/2012 Gosforth Regents vs. Forest Hall B
Tuesday 24/01/2012 Tynedale Reivers vs. Gateshead Knights
Tuesday 24/01/2012 Tynemouth Warriors vs. Leam Lane Comets
Tuesday 24/01/2012 Tynemouth Castles vs. Forest Hall C
Friday 27/01/2012 Jesmond Sharks vs. Gateshead A
Friday 27/01/2012 Jesmond Rookies vs. Jesmond Wasps
Alnwick vs. bye
Round 9
Monday 06/02/2012 Gateshead A vs. Tynemouth Castles
Monday 06/02/2012 Gateshead Knights vs. Jesmond Sharks
Tuesday 07/02/2012 Leam Lane Comets vs. Gosforth Regents
Wednesday 08/02/2012 Alnwick vs. Tynemouth Warriors
Friday 10/02/2012 Forest Hall C vs. Jesmond Rookies
Friday 10/02/2012 Forest Hall B vs. Tynedale Reivers
Jesmond Wasps vs. bye
Round 10
Tuesday 21/02/2012 Tynedale Reivers vs. Leam Lane Comets
Tuesday 21/02/2012 Tynemouth Castles vs. Gateshead Knights
Wednesday 22/02/2012* Gosforth Regents vs. Alnwick
Friday 24/02/2012 Jesmond Sharks vs. Forest Hall B
Friday 24/02/2012 Jesmond Rookies vs. Gateshead A
Friday 24/02/2012 Jesmond Wasps vs. Forest Hall C
Tynemouth Warriors vs. bye
Round 11
Monday 05/03/2012 Gateshead Knights vs. Jesmond Rookies
Monday 05/03/2012 Gateshead A vs. Jesmond Wasps
Tuesday 06/03/2012 Tynemouth Warriors vs. Gosforth Regents
Tuesday 06/03/2012 Leam Lane Comets vs. Jesmond Sharks
Wednesday 07/03/2012 Alnwick vs. Tynedale Reivers
Friday 09/03/2012 Forest Hall B vs. Tynemouth Castles
Forest Hall C vs. bye
Round 12
Tuesday 20/03/2012 Tynemouth Castles vs. Leam Lane Comets
Tuesday 20/03/2012 Tynedale Reivers vs. Tynemouth Warriors
Wednesday 21/03/2012* Jesmond Sharks vs. Alnwick
Friday 23/03/2012 Jesmond Rookies vs. Forest Hall B
Friday 23/03/2012 Forest Hall C vs. Gateshead A
Friday 23/03/2012 Jesmond Wasps vs. Gateshead Knights
Gosforth Regents vs. bye
Round 13
Monday 02/04/2012 Gosforth Regents vs. Tynedale Reivers
Monday 02/04/2012 Gateshead Knights vs. Forest Hall C
Tuesday 03/04/2012 Leam Lane Comets vs. Jesmond Rookies
Tuesday 03/04/2012 Tynemouth Warriors vs. Jesmond Sharks
Wednesday 04/04/2012 Alnwick vs. Tynemouth Castles
Friday 06/04/2012 Forest Hall B vs. Jesmond Wasps
Gateshead A vs. bye

5 Responses to “Fixtures Division 2”

  1. Alnwick Postponement request: Fixture Wednesday 16/11/2011 Alnwick vs. Gateshead A
    (due to Morpeth Rugby Club dinner dance)

    request accepted by Gateshead A. (fixture to be re-scheduled at a later date)

    Rob McEwan
    Alnwick Chess Club

  2. Alnwick v Gateshead A (round 4) has now been re-scheduled for Wednesday 29th February 2012.


    Rob McEwan

    Alnwick Chess Club

  3. Gosforth Regents v Alnwick cancelled due to Heating off at Morpeth Rugby Club, to be rescheduled at later date.
    ( Brian Ord of Gosforth Regents informed)

  4. Confirmed re-arranged Alnwick league fixtures

    Round 10. Wednesday 18th April v Gosforth Regents

    Round 4. Wednesday 25th April v Gateshead A

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